Kroppsbalans is part of Actiway’s smooth system for wellness allownace. Your wellness allowance is uploaded to your employers portal at, where you’ll get your own account and purchase history. The allowance is tax-free for you as an employee and deductable for your employer.

How does it work?
  • You purchase the treatment with your wellness allowance directly on where you can choose among the assortment that Kroppsbalans has uploaded.
  • If you’d like to shop on location, just show us your ID and we’ll register the purchase for you.
  • It’s okay to pay the difference if you’d like to shop for more than your wellness allowance allows.
  • After completing your purchase, book the corresponding treatment via our online booking and mark the order with “bought via Actiway”.
Period of validity.
  • Purchase of amssage treatments expire 6 months after order date.
  • Your treatment needs to be executed no later than the last day of the specified period of validity.
  • In order to be able to continuously offer booking time, no exeptions will be made concerning the validity period.
Other things to thing about.
  • Orders made via the portal are personal and cannot be retrived by another person.
  • Orders made via the portal counts as a binding purchase and can’t be repaid.