Beneficial Discounts

Kroppsbalans is part of Benify’s system for wellness allowance.
You have 6 months to make use of your booked treatment at Kroppsbalans after it has been purchased in Benify’s portal.

The purchase is made before your visit and the money is deducted from your wellness allownace that you have from your employer.
It’s so smooth and simple to not have to spend your own money and report the receipts back to your employer. If you’ve already exhausted your wellness allowance, the amount will instead be drawn directly from your paycheck.

As a Benify customer you’ll get 10% discount on all the treatments present in the portal. If you’d like to book some of our other treatments that’s not present in the portal you just pay on location instead and take the receipt to your employer.

How to proceed:

Observe that this occurs in two steps before the booking is done. Firstly, choose what treatment you want and pay for it in Benify’s portal. You’ll then get a confirmation e-mail containing a ordernumber.

Secondly, book your treatment using Kroppsbalans’s booking system. Write “Benify” and the ordernumber in the field called notes. This is your “payment” to Kroppsbalans!

To be able to finish your booking you’ll be presented with the choice to either Betala med Klarna or Betala på plats. You’ll need to pick Betala på plats.

Orders made through the portal counts as a binding purchase, no refunds will be made. The time of validity can be seen in the order confirmation from Benify.

The link to Benify’s portal: