Invigorating and restorative yoga in group.

We are happy to be able to offer group exercise in yoga! Let your sunday evenings become real gold moments by booking a place for you at Anna Gudeviks lovely yoga.

Time: Sundadys 6 PM – 7.30 PM starting 29/12.
Place: Vineyard Event and Conference in Björsbyn. Free parking.
Bring: Yoga mat, comfortable, soft clothing, warm socks and a blanket.
Investing: 190 SEK, Swish to 123-557 28 39 or cash on location.
A receipt is available so that you can make use of your wellness allowance.

We start the workout by coming down to earth using our breathing. Then we varm our body up with comfortable movements. We’ll use asanas/positions that strentghens the whole body, they’re simple but effective. We then meditate to wrap up. It’s a workout that invigorates and at the same time gives you a nice recovery.

If you have any questions, call Anna at 076-802 04 86
Register via SMS or email at