Soft and comfortable breathing- and yoga exercises to take you down to earth.

You’ll be given the tools to use in your everyday life, to make life easier and stress free. The exercises are exerted on either the floor, in a chair or on a youga mat and you dont need any previous knowledge or yoga clothes.
Our yoga teachers here at Kroppsbalans are Anna Gudevik and Maria Marathon Sjöberg and they’ll show you how you’ll be able to, with the power of breathing, increase the flow in your neck, shoulderblades, shoulders and back.

The breathing exercises benefits:

  • Stress levels decreases and you’ll recover faster.
  • Your shoulders sink down and you’ll feel more relaxed.
  • Your thoughts gets calmer and clearer and you’ll have an easier time focusing.
  • Increased oxygenation throughout the body.
  • You’ll retain your energy and will feel more alert during the day.

Anna teaches Hatha Yoga and it suits anyone who wants to build a good foundation, get to know your body, strengthen your muscles and learn how to breathe to to increase oxygenation and contain better focus.

Both Anna and Maria teaches Yin Yoga. It will help anyone who want to realease tension and really feel the muscles. The positions are held for about 3-5 minutes and you’ll use the power of breathing to land in your body and feel the muscles relax. It’s incredibly relaxing and benificial.

Maria teaches Medical Yoga where you’ll learn individually customized techniques to help deal with specific problems such as insomnia, migrane and stress related issues.

Our tip is to book Yoga- and breathing exercises just before a massage treatment to take care of your body and soul in a wonderful way.

30 minutes 490 SEK
50 minutes 690 SEK
60 minutes 750 SEK (Or bring a friend and pay 500 SEK each)