Anneli Selberg

– I’m passionate about good health and I care about providing you with a massage that yields both good results and a nice experience. I feel fortunate to tdo my job and I love to meet people and work with my hands.

Distinction – The Professional Associoation of Body Therapists’s member of the year 2019.

Experience: I started the massage- and healthcare company Kroppsbalans the year 2000 in Gothenburg. I have also worked in parallel as a group training instructior and a personal trainer 1997-2006 at S.A.T.S in Gothenburg. For six months I also got the chans to work for Raison D`Etre and helped open a spa in the Maldives.

The north called me back home again and in 2008 Kroppsbalans opened on Ststionsgatan 46 in Luleå. I expanded the company in 2017 and hired coworkers that makes Kroppsbalans a complete healthcare centre with a wide competence within holistic health.

I expanded Kroppsbalans’s premises futher in 2017 with the ambition to reach a serene felling of our arctic nature. We love it! I aslo brought forth a completely new concept – The power of Swedish Lapland – signature treatments with taste experiences and treatments inspired by seven powerplaces from the north.

What I like to do in my spare time: Play golf, padel, ski, work in my garden and dance.
The treatment I mostly like to give: 
Hawaii Massage, for the loving and sincere energy.
The treatment I mostly like to recieve: Shiatsu, for it’s de most comfortable ting I know.


  • Certified masseur and Sports masseur at Bosnös Elite Sports Center, Stockholm
  • Health educator at Lillsveds Community Collage, Stockholm
  • Graduated in Swedish Classic relaxation massage at Gothenburgs Gymnastics Istitute
  • ICC-certified coach at the Scandinavian Leader high school, Thailand with Lars-Erik Uhnestål
  • Personal trainer through S.A.F.E, Gothenburg
  • Group training instructor through S.A.T.S, Gothenburg
  • Reiki master through “Känsla ditt välbefinnande” , Luleå
  • Angelic reiki, Inner peace, Luleå


Anna Gudevik

– My massage and energy will help you relax and let go of all your thoughts, so that you can land right here and now. I give powerfull massage treatments and work deep through your muscle tensions to yield the best results. The treatments are tailored after what you need and want.

 Experience: I have worked with massage since 2001 and has also run my own massage practice for 15 years in Älvsbyn. I started working att Kroppsbalans in 2017 and I give many different massage treatments and yoga.

What I like to do in my spare time: I reload my energy by doing yoga and being out in nature.

The treatment I mostly like to give: The variation of giving different treatments, but if I really have to choose I think Reiki Healing.

The treatment I mostly like to recieve: Medical massage. It gives me power, energy and rehabilitation.


  • Graduated Massage therapeut from Axelssons Gymnastics Institute, Stockholm
  • Graduated Coach, Coach Centre, Stockholm
  • Hatha yoga yoga instructor, Health Guidance School, Kiev with Vjasheslav Smirnov
  • Graduated Lymphatic breathing instructor, CoolMind Homeostas, Arboga
  • Reiki master with Ingrid Berglund, Älvsbyn
  • Angelic reiki, Inner peace, Luleå


Alex Gudevik

– I work with functional medicine and has developed Alex’s holistic treatmentMy treatment jumpstarts positive change processes in both body and soul ans supports your bodys natural healing abilities.

Experience: Sports Physician for several different big sports team in Dynamo Moskva, massage teacher in Kiev and I have my own clinic in Älvsbyn since 2007.

What i like to do in my spare time : Train Qigong, go fishing, be out in nature and work on my knife craft.

The treamtent i mostly like to give: Alex’s Holistic Treatment, this treatment allowes me to help people in the best way and help them acheive the best lasting results.

The treatment I mostly like to recieve: Deep Tissue Massage, it gives me the best recuperation.


  • Medical Degree, Kiev Institut, Ukraine
  • Massage Therapist, Moskva Sports Institute
  • Acupuncture and laser therapist, Competence Developement for Physicians, Kiev University
  • Graduated Craniosacral therapist, European Craniosacral Shcool, Gothenburg
  • Graduated Lymphatic Breathing instructor, CoolMind Homeostas, Arboga

I have created a concept named Alex’s Holistic Treatment and it will fit you who has tried everything and still suffer from lasting, uncomfortable pain. I’ll tailor the treatment after what your body communicate that it needs.
It can partly be about dialog, massage and cranisacral therapy. I can make adjustments and give therapeutic streching of you want and have the need for it. First you’ll receive exercises to release the tension. Then I’ll show you you how to build up your strenght.
I also do simpler muscle tests to see any nutritional needs you may have or what nutrients that’s not really suitable for you’re body.  


Maria Marathon Sjöberg

– I use my massage to create a calm enviroment so that you can let go of stress and deep tension. I give heartfelt and relaxing treatments and work intuitive to rebuild your body’s natural energy flow.

I also like to support you in develop new habits for a better health. I can help with mental perspective shifts, simpler breathing- and yoga exercises that can be used in everyday life for a more calm, harmonic energy.

Experience: I have worked with massage back and forth since 2001. I have practiced yoga since 1998 and I have my own yoga studio where I do personal training in yoga and meditation since 2015.

What I like to do in my spare time: Some things that make me happy are, yoga, singing, being out in nature and spending time with my family.

The treatment I mostly like to give: Intuitive massage that gives such lovely, soft energy.

The treatment I mostly like to recieve: Hawaii massagee och Shiatsu. I can’t just choose one, they are both so comfortable and sincere.


  • Classic Massage, Intuitive Massage and Tactil Massage
  • Base medicine 1 and 2, Axelsons Gymnastics Institute, Stockholm
  • Certified Kundalini yoga teacher Level 1 and Level 2 Mind and Meditaion
  • Teacher in Yinyoga, Restorative yoga and medical yoga
  • Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, Solkarina, Sinnligkunskap


Alexander Majorov

– I use my massage to give your body a sense of freedom. My motto is that you should feel good in both body and soul. I have a well developed fingertip feeling and I combine different massage techniques and styles depending on what type of tension you have in your body.

As an olympian and elite athlete in figure skating, I have a wast interest and knowledge concerning training. During your treatment with me, I’ll gladly teach you some exercises that’ll help you feel better, release tension and give you increased mobility and strenght.

Experience: Olympian and elite athlete within figure skating. Graduated physiotherapist and has worked with massage since 2014.

What I like to do in my spare time: Play the guitar and climbing.

The treatment I mostly like to give: Medical massage, because I can really get deep into the muscles and help ease the pain.

The treatment I mostly like to recieve: Hot stone massage, the heat gives such a comfortable relaxation.


  • Physiotherapist, Luleå Tecnical University
  • Classic Massage, Avatar Human Resources, Luleå
  • Functional massage for injuries, Avatar Human Resuorces, Luleå


Nina Olofsson Medin

– I’ll give you a relaxing moment on the massage table, where you can let your mind wander freely while I take care of your body with presence, love and knowledge. I wish that you’ll feel deeply in contact with yourself and your body when you leave my treatment room.

 Experience: I have dedicated myself to health and the things that make me and others feel good, both mentally and physicaly but also spiritually all my adult life. I started my health journey when I was wery young and got my first healing treatment. It turned my world upside down and made me wanting to know more about what makes us happy, feel affinity and creates health.
This lead me to Stockholm where I lived for many years and had my own practice while I was studying. Iwas also involved in the start up of Arctic Bath in Harads.

What I like to do in my spare time: Just be with my family, meditate, yoga, baking and dance.

The treatment I mostly like to give: Shiatsu, because it helps the client quickly reach deep relaxation.

för att kunden så snabbt kommer ner i djupavslappning.
The treatment I mostly like to recieve: Medical massage, I like a treatment with deeper pressure.


  • Shiatsu therapist, Shiatsu Healing Center, Stockholm
  • Reikihealer, Inger Johansson, Luleå and Jan Nevelius, Stockholm
  • Kinesiologist, Swedish Kinesiologi school, Stockholm
  • Tactile Massage, Tactile Education with Siv Andersson
  • Base medicine, Axelsons Gymnastics Institute, Stockholm
  • Mindfulness, Mindfulness Center, Stockholm


Moa Johansson

– I use my massage to deliver results, reflection and wellbeing. I give powerful treatments and work with the musculoskeletal system as a whole, struggle contra cause. My ambition is that every client will leave Kroppsbalans with a nice feeling.

 Experience: I have a genuine health coach education behind me and I have since 2016 worked as a masseur, personal trainer and group training instructor. Today I am studying to be a physiotherapist at Luleå Tecnical University and I graduate in January 2021.

What I like to do in my spare time: I am passionate about training in all of it’s forms, but above all running is closest to my heart. Nature brings me new energy and inner balance. I love spending time with my friends and family and I love to cook good food.

The treatment I mostly like to give: Trigger Point Massage, it will give the client fast results.

The treatment I mostly like to recieve: Trigger Point Massage, because my body feels new again after such a treament.


  • Graduated massage therapist via the Wellness Group, 2016
  • Certified masseur via the Industry Council for Health, 2016
  • Certified personal trainer and dietician via the Industry Council for Health, 2016
  • Physiotherapy student, Luleå Tecnical University, last term 2018-2021
  • Base medicine, Axelsons Gymnastics Institute
  • Mindfulness, Mindfulness Center
  • Health Coach, Hjälmared Community Collage 2015/2016


Frida Sjöberg

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