It all began when I was in Armasjärvi in Tornedalen, with my grandmother Alice. She owned a farmhouse and had eleven children. Visiting her was always an adventure and there was something beautifully mysterious about her home and her garden. I remember the taste and smell of blackcurrants and the other medicinal plants that she cooked, dried and used to make ointments and dressings. My grandmother was famous for having the most beautiful garden in all of Tornedalen.

I also remember the people who came to visit my grandmother, in order to receive treatments for various ailments. They said she had magic hands. This is the reason for my interest and commitment to natural medicine.

My name is Anneli Selberg and I was born in Harad in Bodens municipality. I have always enjoyed giving massage treatments and in 2000, I started Kroppsbalans in Gothenburg. But I longed for my roots and the nature here in the north, so I moved back home and since 2008 I run Kroppsbalans in Luleå. Now we have an experienced team that shares the driving force of meeting people, providing treatments for increased well-being and recovery, and in various ways supporting the body’s natural self-healing ability. We receive our strength and inspiration from the surrounding Arctic nature.

Anneli Selberg, founder of Kroppsbalans