Flavor experiences from Eva Gunnare and Essense of Lapland

Chaga, 10 ml double extraxt, 125 SEK – Also called Tinder Fungus,is one of the worlds leading antioxidants. Put a few drops in your tea to boost your immune system.

Birch tea, 30 g, 125 SEK – Works as a cleansing detox and help treat urinary infection and rheumatic discomfort. Put two birch leaves in your teacup and drink calm sips.

Tea Kåbdalis, 30 g, 125 SEK – A refreshing tea composed of black currant ant mint, which in turm contains an abundance of vitamin C. Soothes rheumatic discomfort and gout.

Tea Harads, 30 g, 125 SEK – A calming tea composed of heather flower, angelica flower and chamomile. Soothing and warming and should be drank in peace and quiet.

Rose root Tincture, 10 ml, 175 SEK – A natural aphrodisiac that also provides vigor and energy. Add 2-5 drops to some water every day.

Berry Strips, Cloudberry, 95 SEK – Made from the gold of the forest! Decreases fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

Berry Strips, Blueberry and Lingonberry,  85 kr – Blueberry contains a heap of powerful antioxidants. They are especially beneficial for the nervous system. Lingonberry is anti inflammatory.

Rosebay Willowherb concentrate 95 SEK – Mix with mineral water to make a seductive beverage of love. It has an adult and very tasty flavor. It’s also a very healthy product as it helps with enzyme production.

Angelica flower Tincture, 10 ml, 175 SEK – Angelica is one of history’s most used healing plant. It strenghtens the stomach and is bactericidal. Add 3-5 drops in some water daily.

Nettle seeds, 75 SEK – The seeds are packed with A-,C-,D- and E-vitamins. They help combat fatigue and stress. Half a teaspoon added to smoothies or soups does the trick.

Supplements from Egenvårdspoolen that are 100% natural

B – Complex ,129 SEK – B-vitamins increases the metabolism and energy production. They are also very important for the brain and nervous system to keep them functioning properly.

C – 500 Vitamin, 98 SEK – Boosts the immune system and protects against, among other things, heart disease.

Vitamin D  98, SEK – Help maintain your teeth and bone structure. Strenghtens the immune system and raises the mood.

Vitamin D Plus, 279 SEK – Just a stronger version of Vitamin D that contains all the same important minerals. A smaller dose is neccesary for the same results.

Selenium, 129 SEK – Selenium counteracts cell degradation and is therefore very important for the brain and muscles. Selenium deficiency can increase cancer risk.

Zinc, 129 SEK – Zinc is important to make the digestion system work as it should and is neccesary for cell growth.

Omega 3, 198 SEK – Lowers the blood fat in the body which in turn decreases the risk of heart disease.

Glutation Complex, 349 SEK – Glutation is neccesary to remove toxins from the body. It boosts your energy and is good for the nervous system. It’s also very important for the metabolism.

Bio Magnesium, 159 SEK – An important  mineral for the muscles, joints, heart and brain. It also helps the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Broad Spectrum Minerals, 198 SEK – Help treat high levels of acid in the body. It also helps with rheumatic discomfort and the digestive system.

Broad Spectrum Optimal Protect, 298 SEK – Combats free radicals. Free radicals hastens aging and increases the risk for disease. It also reduces fatigue.

LactoBifidum Complex, 498 SEK – Helps with gastrointestinal disorders as it restores the balance to the gut flora and stops bacterial overgrowth.

Hemp Protein, 219 SEK – Crammed with imnportant vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It’s ideal for those who have a one-sided diet or want to build muscle without an animal based protein powder. It also helps with problems during menstruation and skinproblems.

Kudzu, 298 SEK – It’s most promising area of application is the treatment of nicotine and alcohol abuse. It also protects against hormone-related issues and lower blood pressure.

Basplus, 249 SEK – Primarily produced to restore the acid balance in the body. It strengthens the digestive system and prevents inflammation.

MitoCell, 349 SEK – Dysfunction in the cells can be negative for many different health problems so MitoCell help prevent it. It also works well to decrease fatigue.

Magnesium L-Teanin, 349 SEK – Essential for the muscles, joints, heart and brain functions. Decreases both physical and mental stress, improves cognition as well as general mental health.

Glycin, 129 SEK – Lowers cortisol lewels, keeps the skin clear and improves sleep. It’s also good for detoxing the body.

Wild Yam, 259 SEK – Contains the substance progresteron which helps restore the hormonal balance. It also helps with PMS and transitional problems.


We both massage with and sell oils from Weleda’s luxury and organic assortment. Their base is made up of plant oils extracted from ripe seeds and fruits. The oils provide nutrition to your skin to make it smooth and soft.

Weleda’s Products:

Handcréme Sea Buckthorn 50 ml – 95 SEK
Handcréme Pomegranate 50 ml – 120 SEK
Sea Buckthorn Duschcréme 200 ml – 120 SEK
Lavender Duschcréme 200 ml – 120 SEK
Lavender Massageoil 100 ml – 205 SEK
Calendula Massageoil 100 ml – 182 SEK
Sea Buckthorn Massageoil 100 ml – 205 SEK
Arnica Massageoil 200 ml – 250 SEK
Pomegranate Massageoil 100 ml  – 317 SEK

Other products for sale:
Linnex – 180 SEK

Knife Craft from Alex Gudevik for sale