Aroma Therapy – Aroma Touch with hand massage.

This luxurios treatment contains lovely scents and starts off with a comfortable hand massage. The treatment then continues with Aroma Touch massage, a light massage technique in which we use etherial oils from dōTERRA to help the body regain balance.

We put drops of ethereal oil along energy paths such as the spine and feet, which in turn is massaged into the body in a soft and comfortable way.

The treatment is relaxing and releases stress on every level. It supports the body’s internal systems and creates balance between the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervoussytem.

It’s hugely energizing and revitalizing for body, mind and soul.

The treatment can be used as both a healing process or in a preemtive way.

The ethereal oils from dōTERRA provides the body with deep relaxation and have powerful cleansing properties.

The effects of a beneficial treatment with a Aroma Touch technique.

You’ll feel less stressed and have more energy, increased cirkulation and presence.

You’ll also feel more relaxed and have a higher sense of well-being.

This treatment will ease back and neck pain and relieve inflammation an the muscles and joints.

It will strenghten the immune system and the body’s natural healing abilities which in turn will clear you of any toxins, virus, fungus and bacteria.
It will help restore bodily balance.

70 min. treatment 990 SEK