A loving Full Body Massage – from hand to heart

Hawaii Massage or “Lomi Lomi Massage” is an ancient, embracing type of massage that has its origin in the Polynesian Islands. It’s made to follow the rythm of the sea and it’s considered very healing. The feeling you get during an Hawaii Massage that the treatment flushes over you like ocean waves.The movement has no beginning or end and the massage helps you relax both body and soul.

Hawaii Massage permiates deep into the muscles and is at the same time a soft and very loving treatment. It follows the meridian system and releases blocked energy, dissolves tension, revitalises and lifts. Hawaii Massage is a treatment that fits everybody but we’d highly recommend it if you’re feeling stressed and tense. It makes you float away and become totally relaxed.
We use a lot of oils during the treatment and they are all organic and good for you.

“It’s the very best thing I can give myself.” – Karin Kårström, Luleå

50 min. treatment 950 SEK
60 min. treatment 1020 SEK
75 min. treatment 1220 SEK
90 min. treatment 1420 SEK
120 min. treatment 1720 SEK