Enjoy our comforting pregnancy massage

There’s no better oppotunity to take care of oneself as when you are expecting. This is a wonderful massage if you are pregnant. We’ll massage your back and hips to soften tense and aching muscles. We’ll also massage your hands, fett and legs to counteract swelling and fluid buildup. The treatment ends with a calming face- and head massage.

We have a special massagetable that’s modified to not put pressure on either the breast or belly. It’s a lovely feeling to be able to lie on your stomach and recieve massage during the entire pregnancy. We use extra pillows and towels for additional support where it’s needed. We’ll of course adjust the treatment after your needs and wishes. This treatment is suitable any time during the pregnancy.

“The very best thing to treat yourself with during the pregnancy!” Emily Munyua, Luleå

30 min. treatment 620 SEK
50 min. treatment 870 SEK
60 min. treatment 940 SEK
75 min. treatment 1120 SEK
90 min. treatment 1320 SEK