Reiki will help you heal

This treatment strenghtens your life energy and supports your body in reaching its ability to heal itself. With support from the healing energy of Reiki, you will in a calm and comfortabel way recieve a push in the direction of natural healing.

You’ll lay down on a warm and comfortable massage table during the treatment with your clothes on. We will use differernt handpositions to reach your body’s energy center that will give you healing reiki energy.

Many people feel much calmer after a reiki treatment. Some feel like they’ve recieved new energy. Some feel freer.
Some experience that they’ve gotten help with letting go of old, chafing feeelings. Their direction in life and what their next step is supposed to be feels clearer. Yuo often feel that the joy and gratitude land within yourself again.

40 min. treatment  650 SEK
70 min. treatment  890 SEK