Alex works with functional medicine and his Holistic Treatment supports your body’s natural self-helaing abilities.

Alex’s Holistic Treatment is a real experience. He has a wast and unik competence and can really help when you are stuck or suffer from lasting pain. 

You’ll be safely treated and are handed the tools that’s necessary to seize a hold of both your physical and mental health. You’ll be able to more easily let go of pain and tension that you’ve carried for a long time and then find your way back to your balans, inner strenght and happiness.

Alex has a medical degree in Ukrane and he has, among other tings, worked as an athletic doctor for several big sports teams in Moscow. Alex is a qualified Craniosacral therapist, Massage Therapist and Acupunkturist. He can also give lasertreatment and adjust any cumbersome laches in your body.

Alex works with simple muscle testing to identify any nutritional needs you mey needs you may have and if there are any special nutrients you can’t tolerate.He can then, based on the tests, give you advice on what you need to refill or avoid to support you body’s self- healing.

Alex has, with his wast knowledge and 30 years experience with using funktional medicine to help people, developed a concept on how to treat people to get them healthier and find their natural balans.

For your first wisit, we recommend booking a 90 minute treatment.
Welcome to Alex’s Holistic Treatment – A new journey starts here.

“Alex’s Holistic Treatment has saved my life! Thanks to his treatments and really following his rehabilitation tips I now feel completely recovered. I suffered greatly from lasting pain after an injury before Alex’s treatments.” Åsa Labba, Jokkmokk


50 min treatment 890 SEK
60 min. treatment 990 SEK
75 min. treatment 1290 SEK
90 min. treatment 1490 SEK


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