A calm and comfortable treatment that makes a difference.

Craniosacral Therapy is a manual medical treatment method where the therapist treats five big areas: the central nervoussystem, the spinal fluid, different membranes in the brain and spine, the skulls joint structure and the sacrums movement in relation to the hips.

Alex works with his hands and applies very soft and light pressure to the body to help the clients own system to selfcorrect and heal. Everything follows the body’s own movements.
The client is always fully dressed during the treatment.

Cranisacral Therapy can be used both preventative and rehabilitative but also to treat current problems.

What can be treated? One can treat/soothe many of the problems that occur in the body and mind. A few usual examples are: headache, shoulder-, neck- and backproblems, joint pain, whiplash, chronic pain and fibromyalgia.
Pregnancu issues such as nausea and pain.
Problems with concentration, fatigue syndrome, tinnitus, indigestion, deoression, sleep and stress problems.

30 min. treatment 620 SEK
50 min. treatment 850 SEK
60 min. treatment 920 SEK