A calm, soft and comfortable treatment that reinforces the body’s natural purification system.

What is lymphatic drainage? It’s a treatmentmethod where we work with breathing, skin and connective tissue. We stimulate the lymohsystem using deep breathing, light pressure and deletions in the direction of lymoh flow to effectively transportexess liquid and wasteproducts out of the body.

The treatment makes you relax and increases the flow in the whole body. We sometimes usa deeper pressure or silicone cups on some of the more problematic areas to dissolve more profound stoppage and scar tissue.

When is the right time for a lymphatic massage? Sluggish lymphaticsystem, edema and congestion is caused by stress, operations, removal of lymphnodes in connection with cancertreatment, old injurys (scar tissue), inactivity, hormonal imbalance, diet or medicine that the body has not been able to purge. It can also be congenital.

This treatmentmethod is suitable for everyone, but it’s especially good if you have any type of edema (primary or secondary), lipoedema, fibromyalgia, restless-legs, fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalance or an overall feelingof being swollen.

60 min. treatment 940 SEK ( good lenght for follow-up occasions )
75 min. treatment 1120 SEK ( good length for follow-up occasions )
90 min. treatment 1320 SEK ( good lenght for the first time )
120 min. treatment 1650 SEK (good length for the first time )


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