With hot stones for deep relaxation

This lovely treatment begins with a soft and beautiful body massage that takes around 70 minutes, in which you are massaged with hot lava stones and warm hands. You lay on a comfortably warm massage bench where the treatment is performed with sea buckthorn oil, which is very nutritious to the skin. The treatment is rounded up with taste and drink experiences based on Arctic medicinal plants with blueberry mulled wine, candied angelica and an angelica tincture.

Effects on the body: A luxurious treatment that provides deep relaxation, rest and recovery. Suitable for those with joint or muscle aches, as the heat penetrates deep into the body and provides pleasant pain relief. Suitable if you are feeling chilly, especially in winter time when the treatment provides a lot of warmth.

Effects of the medicinal plants


Angelica: Is a magical medicinal plant in many ways. It helps to regulate the stomach and raises the boosts system. Angelica contains substances that make you warm and energetic, which helps you to become pleasantly relaxed.

Blueberry mulled wine: Is musty and tasty and contains many useful vitamins and antioxidants.

Total treatment time: 90 minutes • SEK 1,875