A classic for body and soul

Enjoy the world-famous classic Swedish massage – a deep-tissue treatment that releases tension throughout the body and provides a wonderful feeling of relaxation. The treatment begins with a full-body massage that takes approximately 70 minutes, where both the intensity of the treatment and the arrangement is tailored to your needs and wishes. After the massage you can enjoy taste and drink experiences based on Arctic medicinal herbs, such as birch sticks with a pine dip, health tea, crowberry drink and cloudberry fruit leathers.

We use a sea buckthorn massage oil that not only smells great but also has regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides intensive skin care and re-energises dry and tired skin.

Effects of the treatment: A massage for the body and soul that provides relaxation, recovery, improves circulation and makes you feel calm, supple and more agile.

Effects of the medicinal plants

Tea with camomile, heather and angelica: A tasty, warming and soothing tea.

Rosebay Wllowherb concentrate: From this healing plant we contrive our lovely fizzy drink which is both nutritious and tasty. It help stimulate the enzyme production in our stomach and pancreas.

Cloudberry fruit leathers: Afford yourself the luxury to enjoy these small pieces of fruit leather, which are made by slowly drying cloudberry purée – the gold of the forest! In addition to satisfying the palate with that sweet flavour, useful vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce fatigue.

Total treatment time: 90 minutes • SEK 1,625