To wake up your tired feet and lower legs

A relaxing treatment where we focus on your tired feet and lower legs. You borrow a bathrobe and then begin the treatment with a wholesome foot bath, followed by a foot scrub performed with fresh birch leaves. Finally, you will receive a thorough foot and lower leg massage that makes your feet feel like new.

While we take care of your feet, you may enjoy our good and healthy taste experiences, consisting of chaga mushrooms, mint and blackcurrant tea, Labrador tea-spiced dinkel sticks with a pine spring dip and dried bilberry.

Effects on the body: The foot scrub provides improved circulation and softens your feet. The birch-oil massage energises tired and swollen feet and also has a cleansing effect.

Effects of the medicinal plants


Chaga: Chaga is the Chinese word for the mushroom with the Latin name Inonotus obliquus. Used by the Sami to strengthen the immune system, Chaga has 300 times more antioxidants than the different berries in the north. Balances the immune system and is effective against autoimmune diseases.

Mint and blackberry tea: Calming, cooling and contains lots of vitamins.

Labrador tea-spiced dinkel sticks: Labrador tea has a naturally energising effect and should only be used in small doses.

Dried bilberry: An Arctic forest raisin with a high amount of antioxidants.

Pine sprig: Contains a lot of vitamin C and is good for circulation.

Total treatment time: 50 minutes • SEK 1,050