Luxury double treatment – to celebrate love and friendship

An Arctic massage experience that offers you a beautiful moment together. Bring your partner or friend and spoil yourselves with this treatment. We put two massage benches next to each other as two massage therapists perform the treatments simultaneously. A fantastic way to spend time together.

The treatment begins by putting on a bathrobe and relaxing in our comfortable armchairs. First, your feet are treated in a foot bath with foot salts made of birch. While we take care of your feet, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious taste experiences that enhance the effect and feel of the entire treatment. They consist of: fireweed-bubble, rosemary extract, herbal tea with rose extract, cloudberry fruit leathers, Labrador tea-spiced cracker sticks with a pine sprig dip.

The treatment continues with a softening foot scrub using salt, birch and honey. Then you will receive a nice foot and lower-leg massage. After that you will receive a calm and relaxing body massage, using sea buckthorn oil. Everything you need to enjoy the moment and to be in each other’s presence. Finally, through touch, presence and calm harmony, balance is restored throughout the body.

Effects of the treatment

The foot bath and foot scrub improve circulation and soft, clean and warmer feet. The full body massage we provide is nice and relaxing and provides well-being and pleasure. Here you will feel lovingly pampered, as well as having a luxurious and nice time together.

Effects of the medicinal plants

Fireweed: Also called a milk herb. Using this healing plant we produce our love drink, with seductive pink bubbles that are both healthy and tasty, as they stimulate the enzyme production in both the stomach and pancreas.

Rose root: Is one of nature’s best stimulants! It helps to improve energy and concentration. A cure of rose root provides protection against fatigue.

Herbal tea with rose: For its nice and luxurious feel.

Cloudberry fruit leathers: Cloudberries are the gold of the forest. They contain lots of vitamin C that strengthens the immune system and reduces fatigue.

Marsh Labrador: In small doses it helps to spark lust and is also effective against colds and sore throats.

Pine sprig: Contains a lot of vitamin C and is good for circulation.

Total treatment time: 120 minutes • SEK 2125

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