Hot stones and cold ice – for increased circulation

A 50-minute energy-boosting massage, where the contrasts between hot and cold boost the immune system, improving blood circulation and making your whole body relax. The treatment is rounded off with taste and drink experiences, based on Arctic medicinal plants with nettle seed tea with spruce shoot syrup, rose root, blueberry fruit leathers and a blueberry shot.

This Arctic experience is a healthy and refreshing massage treatment, consisting of a mixture of hot and cold. You will receive a full-body massage using hot lava stones, alternated with cooling ice packs. This will give your body’s circulatory system a real kick. The treatment is similar to combining a sauna with an ice bath. You will be massaged with sea buckthorn oil, which is good for dry skin, has a pleasant scent and contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. The oil has cell-regenerating anti-inflammatory properties and provides new energy to dry and tired skin.

How the treatment affects your body: Strengthens the immune system. Improves circulation throughout the body. Effective against swelling and aches. A highly energising treatment.

Effects of the medicinal plants


Nettle: The most useful plant of them all! Full of vitamin A and C, phosphorous, iron, silicon and chalk. Effective against tiredness, rheumatism and also lowers blood sugar level. The tea is brewed with mature seeds that are filled with power.

Rose root: Known as the Ginseng of the Nordics, it is a natural lust enhancer that provides energy and improves concentration.

Blueberry: The berry contains some of the most powerful antioxidants, which among other things have protective properties for our cells. Blueberry is especially effective for the nerve cells in the brain and eyes.

Total treatment time: 75 minutes • SEK 1,675