Let us take care of you, from top to toe

You will receive a relaxing, cleansing and refreshing massage experience. You will be properly pampered and you can just sit back and enjoy the experience.

Before the treatment we will lend you a bathrobe, after which you get to sit in a comfortable armchair while you are given a beneficial foot bath with birch foot salt. The treatment continues with a foot scrub made of birch, salt and honey, which makes your feet wonderfully soft. This is followed by a wonderful foot and lower-leg massage.

While we take care of your feet, you may enjoy some of our Arctic taste experiences. This uses a lot of birch, a medicinal plant that represents Mother Earth, nutrition and healing. You are offered a birch sap drink, a chaga mushroom drink, birch tea, birch-spiced dinkel sticks with a pine sprig dip and dried reindeer meat.

You then choose between a 60-minute full or half-body massage, performed with warm birch oil. You choose whether you want a nice relaxing massage or a deeper, more vigorous treatment.

Effects on the body: The birch oil massage is ideal for aching muscles and joints, while it is also cleansing and wonderful for dry skin, eczema and can help with rheumatism, cellulite and scarring. The foot scrub improves circulation and leaves you with wonderfully soft feet.

Effects of the medicinal plants


Birch sap: Has a cleansing effect and has been used since the 17th century to cure pollen allergy, lung disease, colds, colic, coughs, liver disease and kidney stones. It also has a blood-cleansing effect.

Chaga: Chaga is the Chinese word for the mushroom with the Latin name Inonotus obliquus. Used by the Sami to strengthen the immune system, Chaga has 300 times more antioxidants than other berries in our area. Balances the immune system and is effective against autoimmune diseases.

Birch tea: Works really well as a cleansing detox tea and also helps urinary and rheumatic disorders. Is good for cleaning the inside of the body and for removing waste in the intestines.

Pine sprig: Has a high vitamin C content and is good for circulation.

Total treatment time: 90 minutes • SEK 1,800