We who work here

Anneli Selberg

I am pleased and grateful to have been able to work as a massage therapist for 22 years.

My style: I think that a good massage should provide both results and a great experience. I get a feel for what your body needs and then plan the treatments accordingly. If you would like, I can share training and stretching exercises with you, for a stronger, more flexible body.

I am a trained health educator, certified masseur, sports massage therapist from Bosön, ICC certified coach and personal trainer.

Previous job experiences before I opened Kroppsbalans here in Luleå 2008:

1998: Athlete Massager and Personal Trainer at Angelo Dundee’s professional boxing gym in Miami.

1999: ÖIS football team, responsible for their alternative training and giving massages.

2000-2006: Ran my company Fysik Kroppsbalans in Gothenburg, as a masseur and personal trainer. Also worked at S.A.T.S as a group training instructor and personal trainer.

2001: Maldives for 6 months. Involved in opening a spa, providing massages and workouts at the facility.


Anna Gudevik

I use massage and energy to help you to relax and let go of all your thoughts so that you can just enjoy the moment.

My style: I enjoy giving vigorous massage treatments and I apply deep-tissue pressure on your muscular tension for the best results. It is important to me that you feel comfortable, whether you desire a soft or vigorous massage. Any treatment I perform is of course adapted specifically to you.

I am a trained massage therapist and have worked as a masseur for 15 years. Before that, I had my own massage company in Älvsbyn, where I also taught yoga.

I am a person who likes growth and I take a coaching approach to change processes. I draw my energy from nature and yoga.

Alex Gudevik

Originally, I have a medical degree from the Ukraine. I am also a trained craniosacral therapist, massage therapist, and I administer laser treatments and acupuncture.

I have worked as a sports doctor for several major sports teams in Moscow and in later years I have run my own clinic in Älvsbyn. On Mondays and Fridays I work at Kroppsbalans. 

I have developed a concept called “Alex’s comprehensive treatment” which suits those who think they have “tried everything” and still require treatment for persistent painful aches. I plan my treatment according to how your body communicates its needs. It may include counselling, massage and craniosacral therapy, as these are gentle treatments that make a great difference deep inside in the body. I can adjust cricks and provide therapeutic stretching if you want and need it. You are offered training exercises – first to get rid of tension in your body and then to show you how to build up your strength. If necessary, I perform simple muscle tests to see what nutritional requirements you have, or which nutrients are not the best for your body right now. 

The treatments initiate positive change processes in both body and mind and the treatments support your body’s natural self-healing ability. 

I offer Alex’s comprehensive treatment, Personal Training, Craniosacral Therapy, Sports Massage and Medical Massage.


Alexander Majorov

Through my massage, I want to be able to leave the treatment room with a sense of freedom in the body. My motto is that you should feel good, in both body and soul.

I am a registered physiotherapist (physiotherapist), a masseur, trained in acupuncture, offering trigger point and kinesiological tape treatments.

I am an elite athlete and Olympian in figure skating and through my connections in the sports world I have given massages to many athletes and teams.

My style: I have fine-tuned my technique when massaging and I combine different massage techniques and styles depending on your needs and the tension you have within your body. Do not be surprised if the treatments differ slightly from time to time. To gain really good results in my treatments, I like to work with the trigger points that may bother you in your everyday life.

I possess great interest and knowledge within training. When you choose a treatment with me, I am happy to teach you exercises to do at home to get rid of tension and to increase mobility and strength. A Theraband is an ideal aid in several exercises, and I am happy to send you home with one as a gift. It will make it both fun and easy to succeed in your training. Naturally, I follow up and develop your training program as you go.


We hope to see you soon!