Invest in an energy restorative break. Did you know thar our ability to receive information declines after 50 minutes if we don’t take a break. We feel better when we’re in motion. A short activity can make a huge difference on our experience of the conference. Kroppsbalans offers several different activities with custom music, that reinforces the conference’s wow-feeling. 

Get in touch with Anneli Selberg at 0920-259400 or info@kroppsbalans for more information or a quotation. 

Come down

Create the right mood for a conference with this guided walkthrough. The participants gets help to come down to earth again. It creates a more homogeneous group that absorbs the day’s content more easily.
Time: 8 minutes

Energy boost

A happy exercise that will lift the room’s energy, release the tension an increase the participants ability to focus and absorb information. A lovely way to reach the attendees, attract laughter and create joy of movement.
Time: 3 minutes 


Easy and effective axercises that releases tension in the nervous system. The exercises increases blood flow and the brain’s thinking ability improves. The ideal thing to do if the group starts to lose energy and focus.
Time: 4 minutes

Chair Yoga

An inspiring addition with simple yoga- and breathing exercises for the back, neck and shoulders.
Time: 10 minutes

Round off

Seize the opportunity to roud off the day with this guided walkthrough that will leave th participants in a positive mindset.
Time: 5 minutes

Energy Massage

A silver lining for your attendees. You’ll be visited by three massage therapists. One will lead a guided relaxation while the other two gives massage that takes about 2-5 minutes per person.

The power of Swedish Lapland

The guests each put on a robe and sit with their feet in a hot foot bath. They’ll get to enjoy different taste experiences made from plants and berries from our arctic forests. Back and neck massages are offered.

A luxurious and relaxing wellness activity for smaller groups, 2-10 people.
Time: 45 minutes