Relaxing Treatments

Comfortable treatments that decreases stress. You’ll feel taken care of and will leave here with a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

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Classic Massage

A beneficial massage for both mind and body. It´s our most popular treatment and it´s deeply strengthening and provides pleasant relaxation.

Recieving continuous massage treatments counteracts tiredness and tension. It will contribute to you feeling calmer, softer and more flexible and helps increase bloodflow.

30 min. treatment 750 SEK
50 min. treatment 990 SEK
60 min. treatment 1090 SEK
90 min. treatment 1550 SEK

Hawaii Massage
A loving whole body massage that has it´s roots in the Polynesian archipelago. It´s created to follow the ocean´s rhythm and is considered to be both healing and calming.

The massage penetrates deeply into the muscles and is, at the same time, a very soft and delightful whole body massage. It follows the meridian system and releases blocked energy and tension. It’s a  revitalizing and lifting treatment.

50 min. treatment 1110 SEK
60 min. treatment 1250 SEK
90 min. treatment 1690 SEK
120 min. treatment 1990 SEK

Indian Head Masssage

Ayurvedic head and face massage is an aincent form of an indian oil massage. The treatment focuses on the head and face and has a positive effect on tension headaches and mental fatigue.

The treatment increases oxygenation in the muscles, increases blood and lympatic flow and is also great för hair growth. It is soft and effective and will give you a comforting feeling in your whole body.

Feel free to bring a hat or a shawl because your hair will get really oily. To get as much as possible out of the treatment, book the appointment at a time you can calmly sit for a whlie afterwards.

60 min. treatment 1090 SEK


Only in Lulea

A deeply relaxing treatment that originates from Japan. It´s a mixture of healing and acupressure that creates a change in both body and mind by working through the body´s meridians and acupuncture points.

The treatment lifts and strenghtens the body´s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It doesn´t just affect the physical body, but also the person´s spiritual, psychological and emotional state. It´s a completely oil free treatment and you´ll keep your clothes on the entire time so it´s best to wear soft and comfortable clothing that you can relax in.

30 min. treatment 750 SEK
50 min. treatment 990 SEK
60 min. treatment 1090 SEK
90 min. treatment 1550 SEK


A treatment that reinforces your life energy and supports the body´s own healing power.

You can, with help from the healing energy of Reiki, in a calm and comfortable way get help with moving forward in natural helaing.

You will lie on a warm and comfortable bench with your clothes on during the treatment. We use different hand positions to move your body´s energy center which in turn will supply you with healing Reiki energy. The treatment will leave you feeling calmer with with new energy and perhaps a clearer direction in life.

40 min. treatment 850 SEK
70 min. treatment 1110 SEK

Aroma Massage- Aroma Touch with hand massage
A luxurious treatment with lovley scents that begins with a comfortable hand massage and continues with an Aroma Touch massage, which is a light massage technique in which we use ethereal oils from dõTERRA to regain your body´s balance.

The treatment supports your body´s internal system and creates a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It also strenghten the immune system and the body´s ability to self heal is activated. The treatment will help rinse your body of toxins, fungus and bacteria.

70 min. treatment 1110 SEK

Mindfulness massage

Healing hands will soften your muscle tensions and improv the energy flow in both your body and mind.

A soft and comfortable massage treatment for total relaxation. The treatment is tailored after what your body needs and it will help you back down to earth in a deeper way.

30 min. treatment 750 SEK
50 min. treatment 990 SEK
60 min. treatment 1090 SEK
90 min. treatment 1550 SEK

Kroppsbalans´s luxurious foot treatment
A treatment that starts with us massageing your shoulders and head whilst you´ll be sitting with your feet in a comfortable footbath with footsalt.

We continue the treatment with a refreshing footscrub followed by a proper foot and lower leg massage.
You´ll be seated on a chair during the entire treatment or if you´d rather lay down during the foot and lower leg massage just let us know.

45 min. treatment 890 SEK

Kroppsbalans's most wonderful

An experince where you´ll be taken care of from head to toe. This lovely spa treatment starts with a head and shoulder massage whilst having your feet in a footbath with footsalt.

After a refreshing foot scrub you´ll receive a foot and lower leg massage followed by a soft and comfortable whole body massage for total relaxation.

90 min. treatment 1750

Hot Stone Massage

A whole body massage with hot lavastones where the heat from the stones penetrate deep into the muscles and gives you a completely relaxing experience.

The treatment will give you energy and soothe muscle pain while at the same time help increase the blood and lymphatic flow. This is a perfect treatment if you are feeling cold and need to relax and it will leave you feeling more limber, warm and calm.

50 min.treatment 1110 SEK
60 min. treatment 1250 SEK
90 min. treatment 1690 SEK

Pregnancy Massage

Take care of yourself while you´re expecting. This is a specially adapted treatement to offer a strenghtening and healing moment during your pregnancy.

We’ll massage your back and hips to soften tense, aching muscles, but also hands, feet and legs to counteract swelling and fluid build up. The treatement ends with a calming face and head massage. The treatment is of course tailored after your needs and wants.

You’ll get to lay on a massage bench adapted for pregnancy, which lets you lay on your stomach while reciving your massage.

30 min, treatment 750 SEK
50 min. treatment 990 SEK
60 min. treatment 1090 SEK
90 min. treatment 1550 SEK

Duo treatment with one massage therapist

Pamper yourself together with someone you love. A loving gift that you share in the same room.

One of you start by sitting with your feet in a comfortable footbath with footsalt and get to enjoy exiting taste experiences from our arctic nature. The other recieves a relaxing half body massage. When half the time has passed, you´ll switch places.

60 min. treatment 1590 SEK

Duo treatment lux

A massage treatment for two with that extra spark – to celebrate love and frenship. The perfect surprise for that special person in your life.

Your golden moment starts with both of you changing into a bathrobe and having your feet in a footbath while enjoying some fruit, pralines and something to drink. The footbath ends with a refreshing foot scrub followed by an hour of whole body massages side by side.

90 min. treatment 1675 SEK per person

Kroppsbalans´s luxurious facial treatment

A luxurious treatment that is invigorating and nurturing for your skin. We use Gerds fantastic face products to give you a relaxing and balanced facial tretament that will bring out your skins natural luster and elasticity. You can also have lashes and brows colored and shaped in the longer treatment.

Blueberries for dry and mature skin. Cloudberries for normal and dry skin. Lingonberries for unbalanced skin. The treatment cleanses your skin from impurities and restores the natural moisture.

We start the treatment by cleaning your face followed by a scrub, a face massage with argan oil and a facemask that is both deeply cleansing and moisturizing. We finish the treatment by applying products that best suits your skin.
We massage your scalp, neck and décolletage while the face mask is applied.

60 min. treatment 1390 SEK

90 min. treatment 1750 SEK. includes lashes and brow color including shaping of brows.

Kroppsbalans´s luxurious color and shape

For your eyes and eyebrows.

Tinting lashes and brows perks up, lifts your gaze and frames your face. While the color is working, you also get a moment of relaxing facial massage.

When Ulrika performs the treatment, she starts from your natural shape and beauty. In consultation with her, we discuss what you want and what suits you. The treatment begins with shaping your brows and then brows and lashes are dyed. While the color is working, you get at nice relaxing face massage with c/o Gerds Eco Cloudberry mask.

It is Ulrika who gives this luxurious color and shape treatment.

30 min. treatment 750 SEK

Ninas body- and soul treatment

Only in Lulea

A profound treatment on all levels, which is a mixture of shiatsu, healing, conversation and tarot cards.

Suitable for those who aspire to get in touch and clarity even deeper into yourself.

The treatment is structured with approximately 45 min where we take a deeper look at how thought, feelings and the soul feel, which is then followed by 45 min of shiatsu and healing body treatment. Body and soul belongs together, here you get to take care of both.

It is Nina who gives this body and soul treatment.

90 min. treatment 1650 SEK