Signature Treatments

Exlusice treatments that’s an experience for all senses. We combine massage with taste experiences from our arctic nature. You’ll be relaxed, receive new energy and have a new memory to take with you to everyday life.

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These lovely treatments are inspired by different powerful places in Swedish Lapland. Each treatment has a unique effect and will provide you with relaxation, recovery and new energy.
The plants are selected to amplify the health effects in every treatment.

The oils that we use during the massage, we have developed ourself. They have an natural healing power and smell wonderful.
This is overall a delightful holistic experience to give to yourself or a friend who seeks that extra spark.

A tip: A giftcard with a Signature Treatment is a fantastic gift to retunees or someone who appreciates our arctic nanture and the places in Swedish Lapland.


A treatment that will fill you with energy using the contrast between hot stones and cooling ice. It has a strenghtening effect on the immune system, improves blood circulation and gives you a nice feeling throughtout your body.

The treatment ends with a tasting experience based on arctic healing plants such as nettle seed tea with fir shoots, rose root, blueberry “candy” and a blueberry health shot.

We are trying to create the feeling of combining sauna and ice bath.

75 min. treatment 1675 SEK


A massage treatment where you´ll get taken care of from head to toe whilst just enjoying and being in the moment. It is relaxing, cleansing and refreshing.

When the treatment starts, you´ll get to put on a bathrobe and sit with your feet in a footbath with birch infused footsalt. Following that is a footscruub made from birch, salt and honey and then a lovely foot and lower leg massage.

During this treatment, you´ll also get to enjoy some of our arctic taste experiences such as a birch sap drink, a drink made from chaga, birch tea, birch seasoned speltsicks with pine shoot dip and cured reindeer meat.

You can then choose if you´d like a calming, relaxing massage or a deeper more powerful one.

90 min. treatment 1800 SEK


A relaxing treatment where we will focus on tired feet and lower legs. It will increase circulation and soften your feet.

You´ll get to change into a bathrobe and start the treatment with a beneficial footbath followed by a footscrub made from fresh birch leaves. We´ll then give you a hearty foot and lower leg massage that´ll make your feet feel new.

During the treatment, we´ll offer you beneficial taste experiences such as chaga, mint- and blackcurrant tea, labrador tea spiced spelt sticks with pine shoot dip and dried bilberries.

50 min. treatment 1050 SEK


A luxurious duo treatment made to celebrate love or friendship. Two massage therapists makes it possible for both of you to receive your massage simultaniously side by side, resulting in a real golden moment together.

The treatment starts with both of you changing into bathrobes and sitting down in our comfortable armchairs. You’ll receive a footbath with a foot scrub and then a foot and lower leg massage whilst enjoying some taste experiences such as fireweed “champagne”, rose root extract, herbal tea made from roses, cloudberry “candy”, labrador tea spiced spelt sticks with pine shoot dip.

Following that is a calm, comfortable whole bidy massage that will help bring you down to earth.

120 min. treatment 2125 SEK/person

To book this treatment, or if you have any questions, please contact us at 0920-25 24 00 or


A lovely treatment that starts with soft and comfortable whole body massage where you’ll be massaged with hot lava stones and warm hands. It will do wonders if you often feel cold or suffer from joint or muscle pain.

The treatment ends with a taste experience comprised of arctic healing platns such as blueberry mulled wine and garden angelica, both candied and as a tincture.

90 min. treatment 1875 SEK


A deeply penetreating massage that will release tension in your whole body and provide you with total relaxation. A real classic for both body and soul.

After the treatment, you’ll get to enjoy our taste experience based on arctic healing plants such as birch spelt sticks with pine shoot dip, a health tea, fireweed “champagne” and cloudberry “candy”.

90 min. treatment 1625 SEK


Our most powerful treatment that will jump start your body´s natural abilities to heal and rid your body of pain and discomfort.

The treatment starts with a deep and powerful massage that will release tension by using different tecniques. We use trigger point massage and muscle streching to loosen up the musculature which in turn will increase circulation, start the recuperation and open up the flow of energy again.

Afterwards you’ll get to enjoy our taste expericenses comprised of arctic healing plants such as a rose hip health shot, blackcurrant mulled wine, pine bark bread with juniper berry butter and lingonberry “candy”.
We will also offer advice on how to take care of your health in the best way possible.

120 min. treatment 2325 SEK