Functional training will suit you who wants to improve your physique and your ability to handle stress. You can practice yoga both individually with focus on breathing exercises or in a group in our yoga room in Boden.

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Functional Training

The exercise is being led by Alex Gudevik and will help you improve your physique and your ability to handle stress. It has a relaxing and de-stressing effect on your body while providing increased strengt and mobility.

You’ll receive a personal schedule with exercises that you can do at home without heavy gear. You’ll instead use your body’s natural weight. The foundation to this exercise is retrived from yoga and qigong.
The exercises start out as fairly easy but will get more advanced as your physique increases to challenge your body in a sustainable way. A workout program that builds a sturdy foundation will make you more able to succed with any type of exercise.

50 min. treatment 790 SEK
60 min. treatment 890 SEK

This treatment is only available at Kroppsbalans in Luleå.

Yoga for you

You’ll get to learn soft and comfortable breathing and yoga exercises that you can do at home to help you relax in everyday life. This can be done both individually or with a friend.

The exercises is performed on the floor/yoga mat or on a chair and you don’t need any previous knowledge or yoga clothes. We will put a lot of focus on your breathing and the power it possesses. You and your teacher will decide what type of yoga that best suits you.

With the help of Hatha yoga you’ll build a stable foundation, get to know your body, strenghten your muscles and learn how to use your breath to increase oxygenation and focus.
Yin yoga will help you release tension and really feel your muscles. Every position will be held for about 3-5 minutes and you’ll use the power of the breath to truly land within your body and feel your muscles relax. It is incredibly relaxing and beneficial.
Medical yoga will teach you techniques to deal with specific problems, such as sleeping difficulties, migrane and different stress related issues.

30 min. treatment 530 SEK
50 min. treatment 730 SEK
60 min. treatment 790 SEK ( bring a friend and pay 500 SEK per person)

Group Yoga – Boden

We will offer group yoga (10 people) when we open our premises in Boden on the first of March. The yoga classes will have different focus and no previous knowledge is recuired. Wear soft, comfortable clothes and bring a friend, a loved one or someone else to recive a wonderful moment together.

You can already book your place if you’d like to make sure we have room when the sessions start!

Soft yoga – Wednesday 10 am to 11 am
Let this be the week’s golden moment with comfortable movements that increases circulation, moveability and provides a big portion of energy. We perform the yoga on comfortable yoga mats made of wool but also chairs for increased comfort and safety.



We will continue to expand our sessions in the future with more themes, for examlpe mom + baby yoga, youth yoga or workouts to strenghten your torso and posture. So keep an eye out!